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Demoscene Songtip :)

So... as stated in the previous post, here are some recommendations of Scenesongs :)

modarchive.org/index.php Song from Ghidorah from 2001 - some Chipsoundelements and a damn happy melody.. Thats the Way i like Music :D

amp.dascene.net/downmod.php - from the famous Non Commercial Amiga Music Collection amp.dascene.net - Song from the famous Amiga Musician Romeo Knight, Oldskool flavour - great tune, go and listen for yourself :) It don't get better than this... Love :D

linuks.mine.nu/ftp.modland.com/Fasttracker%202/Graff/lghths%20keeper%27s%20kite.xm - Brilliant Light Rock song with Realistic sounding E-Guitars from Graff

More are coming soon.

Remember, This is free music, but you are not allowed to use it as your own songs, use them for commercial reasons or change them - respect the rights of the musicians the tunes belong to :)


Btw. take a look to this song ressources instead of only download and listening to this few Songs ;)