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Mosaik - Leandi

Evening all :)

Today i have finished my last broadcast for the german Netradio Radio-Paralax and found thanks to the great German Musician Sagamusix an awesome release :)

Mr. Mosaik aka Radix has finally - yeah, finally released a bunch of new songs under an album called Leandi :)

The Album consists of 5 Chillout Styled songs - with the usual Harmonic Synth Touch Mosaik is known :) Track Titles are called:

1. Leandi
2. Sporel
3. Tickles (with Nummelin)
4. Melo
5. Nanomies (with Planet Boelex)

Be sure to check out this absolute Work of Quality.. if you ever check out my journal with luck :D

Downloadable under softphase.org/netlabel/releases/sfp08

Here a picture of the Cover:

Mosaik's Leandi EP

And not forget to comment the Release on Mosaik's Page too :D