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Sundial Aeon.. Awesome Stuff

Yesterday i looked as usual around for some nice scenemusic and/or netlabeltunes.

I visited one site what i visited from time to time, the band page of Sundial - now called Sundial Aeon. Normally i don't buy commercial releases any more, but this time i thaught that there is so few good nice free music around at the moment i shoud give it a go.

Because there are at least 2 former Sceners on board: Patryk "Revisq" Gegniewicz and Radoslaw "Raiden" Kochman.

So i started Itunes, switched to the Itunes Music Store and bought their 2 Albums "Apotheosis" from 2007 and "Metabasis" from 2006.

Instantly i fell in love with this nice Soundscapes - Combination of Sweet easy electronic Elements, Ambient Beauty and some Psy and Trance Elements.. simply very relexing and Awesome composed. Totally 23 songs are waiting for you, The Albums are constantly evolving build up a great athmosphere and surprise you with changes - It never gets boring even if you listen to them like i did now for 3 times and more ;)

If you like such a style - give it a go, you will be impressed.

www.sundial.pl - visit their webpages for listening previews.

And here you can see the art of the Albumcovers:





oh hell yes, apotheosis is awesome :)