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Dec. 24th, 2009

Avatar.. What an Awesome Movie, i love the world it shows :)

Avatar.. normally i hate Romance Stuff to death.. Terrible. Horrible.. Incredible.. Stupid :D But in Avatar between Jake Sully and Neytiri.. i really loved That.. i wished i could also live on Pandora.. Really awesome Movie.. Sci Fi like i love it - Keep on Rocking Na'vi :) :)

And i hope that the Sequels which are told they could come really are made :)


The World and the cg Characters really look so full of soul... Can't wait for the dvd or Blu-Ray :)

Dec. 9th, 2009

Join my IRC :D

No Matter who you are or where you come from, feel free to visit me for a talk in my own irc server :D


or serveradress sjd.myftp.org - and channel #lobby :D


Sep. 26th, 2009

Mosaik - Leandi

Evening all :)

Today i have finished my last broadcast for the german Netradio Radio-Paralax and found thanks to the great German Musician Sagamusix an awesome release :)

Mr. Mosaik aka Radix has finally - yeah, finally released a bunch of new songs under an album called Leandi :)

The Album consists of 5 Chillout Styled songs - with the usual Harmonic Synth Touch Mosaik is known :) Track Titles are called:

1. Leandi
2. Sporel
3. Tickles (with Nummelin)
4. Melo
5. Nanomies (with Planet Boelex)

Be sure to check out this absolute Work of Quality.. if you ever check out my journal with luck :D

Downloadable under softphase.org/netlabel/releases/sfp08

Here a picture of the Cover:

Mosaik's Leandi EP

And not forget to comment the Release on Mosaik's Page too :D



Aug. 29th, 2009

Again a need for a Post :D

Well... its a bit of a time since i posted something :D

Discovered recently again the brilliance of Cowboy Bebop :D

What to say about that Brilliant Show, it is some kind of Retro Future, Humanity has inhabited the sun system, criminals are everywhere and in between some bountyhunters named Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine try to make a living in that world.

Funny is that the main characters more or less dislike each others at least a bit... Which ends mostly in problems :D

Awesome show, perhaps one of the best of the planet, no matter if animated or non-animated shows. Check this out :D


Mar. 5th, 2009

Music and Demotip :)

Evening all :)

Well, want to write shortly here about 2 great releases i discovered recently :)

First the Ambientium EP from Kahvi - Ambientium EP

9 songs of beautiful Ambient/chillout Electronica.. Great Flow, some nice Beats :) Give it a listen.

And Demoscene Topic: Blockparty 2009 invite by Xplsv

What to say about.. Well... I still have to watch it, but the Track from Gloom is Amazing :D


Feb. 17th, 2009

Chartbreaker :D

...Want only to say i now listened over 200 times to Sundial Aeon :D

Now im going for the next 200 times :D

Wish me luck  ;)


Feb. 15th, 2009

Sundial Aeon.. Awesome Stuff

Yesterday i looked as usual around for some nice scenemusic and/or netlabeltunes.

I visited one site what i visited from time to time, the band page of Sundial - now called Sundial Aeon. Normally i don't buy commercial releases any more, but this time i thaught that there is so few good nice free music around at the moment i shoud give it a go.

Because there are at least 2 former Sceners on board: Patryk "Revisq" Gegniewicz and Radoslaw "Raiden" Kochman.

So i started Itunes, switched to the Itunes Music Store and bought their 2 Albums "Apotheosis" from 2007 and "Metabasis" from 2006.

Instantly i fell in love with this nice Soundscapes - Combination of Sweet easy electronic Elements, Ambient Beauty and some Psy and Trance Elements.. simply very relexing and Awesome composed. Totally 23 songs are waiting for you, The Albums are constantly evolving build up a great athmosphere and surprise you with changes - It never gets boring even if you listen to them like i did now for 3 times and more ;)

If you like such a style - give it a go, you will be impressed.

www.sundial.pl - visit their webpages for listening previews.

And here you can see the art of the Albumcovers:



Feb. 5th, 2009

Demoscene Songtip :)

So... as stated in the previous post, here are some recommendations of Scenesongs :)

modarchive.org/index.php Song from Ghidorah from 2001 - some Chipsoundelements and a damn happy melody.. Thats the Way i like Music :D

amp.dascene.net/downmod.php - from the famous Non Commercial Amiga Music Collection amp.dascene.net - Song from the famous Amiga Musician Romeo Knight, Oldskool flavour - great tune, go and listen for yourself :) It don't get better than this... Love :D

linuks.mine.nu/ftp.modland.com/Fasttracker%202/Graff/lghths%20keeper%27s%20kite.xm - Brilliant Light Rock song with Realistic sounding E-Guitars from Graff

More are coming soon.

Remember, This is free music, but you are not allowed to use it as your own songs, use them for commercial reasons or change them - respect the rights of the musicians the tunes belong to :)


Btw. take a look to this song ressources instead of only download and listening to this few Songs ;)

Feb. 1st, 2009

Some things to say :)

Began recently buying the Slayers Animation DVD from the UK and watching some of the new Slayers  Revolution Subs - Brilliant Stuff.. Fallen in Love with The Zelgadis-Amelia Pairing :)

Also i can very Recommend the www.scenemusic.eu/demovibes/ Netradio - Plays 24 Hours Scenemusic all night long :)

Yeah, i have to say im addicted to Scenemusic - Best Stuff Ever :)

In the next days i will post some song favourites too ;)


Jan. 31st, 2009

Hello World :D

So... Seems i join the Train too now :)

What should i say..

Im nothing special, only a everyday's Loser, 29 year old, live in Austria and so on and so on...

Well.. i will use this little livejournal Account to give some Open Source Scenemusic and Netlabel tips, nothing commercial ;)